Pre- Primary Grades: Nursery to PP2

The curriculum for Pre-primary children is designed as fun-based learning to encourage children to be inquisitive and interested. The curiosity in children is brought out by planning activities that help them answer their questions. Children make predictions, develop hypotheses and test their assumptions.


Primary Grades: I to V

Students are taught to be Self-disciplined, Independent Learners through the use of technology and art. Focus is on enhancing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Secondary Grades: VI to X

Students are motivated to challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves. Through counselling, students are given guidance in career, emotional balance, goal-setting, inter-personal skills, conflict resolution and self-confidence.


Senior Secondary Grades: XI & XII

Courses offered for Grade XI & XII are MPC, BiPC/M.BiPC, CEC, MEC with a student teacher ratio of 1:25. What makes us different is the dedication, to help students achieve the highest of their abilities, individual attention to students, extensive conceptual clarity so that there is no need of tuitions after school.


Courses offered for senior secondary are Science and Commerce streams.


Science: MPC, BiPC/M.BiPC with an option for a 4th elective from Psychology, Painting and Informatics(no's) Practices

Commerce: Economics, Accountancy, Business studies along with Math or a choice from Psychology, Painting, Informatics(no's) Practices


English and Information Technology is a common main subject.