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Educational Facilities


Students attend their classes in spacious and well-ventilated class-rooms. All the equipment required for teaching and learning is available in the class-rooms.


To experience learning in a hands-on environment, there are well-equipped, professional laboratories for different subjects. Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, NIIT Mathematics Lab, Physics Lab and Computer Lab are some of the laboratories. All the Labs can accommodate 35 to 40 students at a time.


With over 3000 books and capacity to seat 60 students at a time, St. Peter’s School Library is a modern nook to sit and enjoy reading. Students are encouraged to borrow books and read throughout the year. There are books available for different age-groups and there are separate libraries for junior students and senior students. E-books are also available for those who wish to read online.

Audio-Visual Room

Digital content and tools available in the” Audio -Visual Rooms” enables students to learn new concepts through videos and visual explanation of diagrams and processes. Through projector and smart-screens, students watch e-book content available which enhances their learning. Smart board technology caters to different learning styles with students demonstrating increased motivation leading to increased participation in class.