St. Peter’s Model School aims to bring about overall development in a child by integrating creative expression and art forms in learning for all subjects.

Some Aspects of the Methodology:

  • Art Integration is done through Club Activities, wherein students bring materials from home and prepare 3D art exhibits that enable them to practically show concepts learnt in class, bringing about creative expression in children.
  • Critical Thinking is encouraged in children when they participate in monthly competitions pertaining to Essay Writing, Short Stories and Poems, Spot-Elocution, Spot Sketching Making, Quiz and Team Puzzle Solving.
  • Student Behavior, Counseling, Discipline and Improvement Charts are maintained by each Class- Teacher for each student in the form of an Anecdotal Record. Any major behavioural concerns are recorded and discussed with parents during Parent- Teacher Meetings.
  • Fitness in children is also kept in constant check via term-wise weight and height check-ups by their respective Class-teachers. Students are made to do basic Exercises and Stretches before starting and after completing their games period everyday.
  • Child and Parent Participation Projects are conducted for amount Primary & Pre-Primary students to engage and encourage parents in their child’s learning experience.
  • Preprimary children are taught new concepts by the use of manipulative and objects that help them understand while doing rather than listening.
  • Through computer classes students are taught basic computer skills, such as using MS-office, typing answers in MS-Word and how to prepare table in MS-Excel etc. Computer Class Projects are also assessed in their term-wise assessments.